Employer zone 

What we offer: 

  • We support companies that think strategically about current and future human resources.
  • We build teams of specialists and managers with a view to helping organizations grow on a constant basis.
  • We run recruitment processes for specialist and top management positions.
  • We advise on how to run a consistent corporate human resources policy.

Our specializations include: 

  • sales
  • logistics and purchasing
  • support for industry
  • finance and accounting
  • zarządzanie zasobami ludzkimi human resources management
  • centra usług wspólnych shared service centres
  • produkcja manufacturing
  • marketing marketing
  • inżyniera engineering
  • administracja administration

Personnel recruitment and selection 

We offer: 

  • a detailed analysis of employee competences you look for, both hard and soft ones,
  • an analysis of your corporate culture, strategic and operational objectives as well as of the team the candidate is to join,
  • reaching out to professionals in the area of your interest by means of all tools available, including direct activities,
  • an interview with the candidate: on the phone, online or face to face,
  • a detailed competence interview,
  • application of psychometric tools,
  • dialogue with you as our client,
  • approaching you as our client with greatest care so that you have essential information at your disposal at all times,
  • customer care after the process is finalized – monitoring and guarantee.

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Stages of the recruitment process:


Customer needs and expectations assessment, developing a candidate profile


Selection of candidates by means of individually chosen methods


Direct interviews with candidates


Presentation of selected candidates


Interview between client representatives and recommended candidates


Assistance in signing the contract with the selected candidate; project finalization


Monitoring and guarantee

Talent and competence outsourcing 

The service is for companies that are not planning to increase the number of permanently employed workers but interested in temporary cooperation with Interim Managers, Project Managers or a Specialist in a given area.

If a company:

  • is facing change and looks for a manager to carry it out,
  • is looking for a specialists with unique skills,
  • needs a consultant who can take an outsider’s view of the issue, suggest a new solution and offer advice,
  • is building a new project team and looks for talents,
  • has a young team and needs an employee who can train the staff and demonstrate the way to do the job,
  • we will search for talents that match the current needs of a company.

This solution makes it possible to fill competence gaps in an organization and support the work of project teams without the necessity to create another permanent position. With our help, you can start a fixed-time period cooperation quickly, effectively and with the right people. We will recruit and place in your company an employee/ employees with appropriate skills and qualifications to do a specific task.

Benefits for the employer:

  • fast recruitment of experts who match the current needs of a company
  • assessment of candidates’ competences by experienced DPM consultants by means of psychometric tests (on Client’s request)
  • flexibility in selecting team members without the necessity to create a new permanent position
  • optimization of personnel processes in a company – transfer of employer’s duties onto DPM (maintaining employee documentation, medical examinations, salary payment, etc)
  • ensuring process continuity – guaranteed replacement throughout the project

Contemporary business requires flexibility and courageous decisions. It galvanizes entrepreneurs to look for ways and out-of-the-box solutions.

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Personal consulting

If you want your company to gain and maintain a high position on the changing market, manage your staff effectively!

Research shows that organizational success results mainly from skilfully run internal personnel policy.

As part of our activities, we offer cooperation with experienced consultants who will help you select the best-matching employees and take care of other aspects connected with human resources management.

At DPM, we take personal consulting to mean all activities focused on improving the personnel policy of a company.

Our consulting includes:

  • the analysis and creation of job positions,
  • the development of employee appraisal system,
  • the development of competence profiles,
  • employee satisfaction surveys,
  • assessment centre /development centre,
  • the development of the motivational system,
  • personnel audit,
  • individual and group outplacement.
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Monitoring of individual and group redundancies which aim at restructuring the company while maintaining its positive image among the employees and external entities.

As benefit to the employer, outplacement mitigates negative effects of headcount reduction which include increased tension and frustration among those employees that are made redundant as well as inside the company, the risk of conflicts, strikes and reduction of productivity. The risk of key employees leaving the company is also reduced.

There are three approaches to outplacement:

  • individual outplacement – support for individual employees,
  • group outplacement – support for a larger number of employees who are made redundant at the same time
  • mobile outplacement – individual support that consists in creating the so called “work place” for a person made redundant which is used for building another stage in their professional life, in the office environment.
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We treat trainings as a sort of our social responsibility as well as our passion that we have been putting into practice since the beginning our activities.

DPM trainings include: 

  • a comprehensive offer,
  • experienced trainers-practitioners,
  • each time a customized analysis of client needs to match training content to the participants (on the level of the whole organization, specific division or an individual employee),
  • hands-on training experience – trainees gain and develop specific competences,
  • varied forms of work (mini-lectures, presentations, webinars, case studies, role plays, discussions, group exercises and others),
  • attractive prices.
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EAP – Employee Assistance Program 

EAP is a support program for employees. Its aim is to help solve personal problems that affect involvement and productivity at work (e.g. accidents, death of a relative, suicide, stress, mental disorders, financial difficulties, legal problems, health problems).

EAP offers:

  • 24-hour assistance (by phone, face-to-face, e-mail – depending on the problem),
  • possibility of a face-to-face meeting in the employee’s place of residence,
  • advisory services for management,
  • development of the internal communication concept, essential for the implementation of the program,
  • psychological and legal support.
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