About us 

We are a company that effectively matches human capital to an organization and improves its personnel processes.

We originate in Silesia and since 1998 we have been providing personnel services throughout the country and abroad.
Recruitment and selection processes constitute the core of our business activities. We also specialize in organizational advisory services and trainings.


We achieve our mission by:

  • being a professional and ethical business partner for the owners and management of those companies that think strategically about the current and future human resources
  • building effective teams of specialists and managers, thus supporting the growth of an organization
  • taking care of our candidates’ professional career.


Thanks to our long-term experience and trust we inspire in our Clients, 80% of them return to us to cooperate on further projects.

We are more than willing to share our knowledge with those who may find it useful. Therefore, we often liaise with tertiary educational institutions as well as student and non-governmental organizations.

One of the most important values of our company is to help people who find it difficult to navigate the job market but also those who want to develop their skills to become more competent employees.

Thus was born the concept of the socially responsible DPM, which remains sensitive to how the current job market is developing. We want to meet the challenges posed by fighting unemployment, lack of knowledge among young people who cannot find their bearings on the job market or indifference of companies to problems connected with this market.

Family responsibility in business:

  1. relations based on partnership – our cooperation is based on customized approach which enables us to implement the solution that responds to our business partners’ actual needs
  2. reliability – integrity, timeliness, professional team
  3. commitment – we act in accordance with our deeply ingrained work ethics
  4. credibility – we have over 22 years of experience on the market


22 years   

of experience

Our clients are mainly medium and large production organizations with Polish and international capital, which entrust us with the implementation of individual projects and entire campaigns. We also service green-field investments.

DPM in figures: 





successfully completed projects a year
of companies from the manufacturing industry